Fair Trade - What it means to us

We have been visiting factories in developing countries since the 1990 and we can always tell a "happy" work place where workers are well rewarded and happy to come to work.  In the early days these were not so common, but more lately manufacturers in India and South East Asia see the benefit of this as buyers like us seek out non exploitative work places. 

More recently one our key suppliers in Australia, This... Design & living, has commenced working with co-operatives that are FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED.  In particular one in southern India that empowers artisans, especially women, and involves them in many activities of the business beyond the actual production of items.  On the job training in accounting, marketing and administration is one of the benefits of this cooperative, giving workers the opportunity to advance into administrative roles if they so desire.   

The products from this co-operative will be available online this September. We will always do our best to undertake business with suppliers who value the Fair Trade ethos



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