Iso Tasks - Grow some food!

We all know the benefits of fresh food, but there is no better feeling than watching the progress of your own crop and ultimately serving it as a meal.  Growing your own food doesn't have to be a major undertaking and you don't need a lot of land.  In fact you can start without any land with these new window sill gardens in stock for Spring 2020. 

There are significant benefits of gardening including:

  • Gardening can reduce stress
  • Gardening is good for your self esteem
  • Fresh food has better nutritional value
  • The mild exercise of gardening is good for your heart 
  • Gardening as a great family activity

We have window kits available to grow microherbs or microgreens.  The two varieties include a ceramic planter with tray, seeds, growing medium, tips and instructions. Available now. 

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