Greengate Copenhagen


We are delighted to be an exclusive Greengate - Copenhagen stockist. 

About Greengate

Greengate is a Danish success story.  The family-owned design house, established in 1992, has its head office located in the wonderful Taarbæklund, a hundred year old mansion located on the shores of the Øresund - the water between Denmark and Sweden.  Taarbæklund shares a vast heath with herds of native Scandinavian deer and ancient oak trees.  It is situated adjacent to the historic Royal Hunting Lodge.

These are the surroundings in which Greengate collections are imagined, created and brought to life.

The Design Process

The seed of each of Greengate’s patterns and designs comes from a unique archive of thousands of antique, hand painted designs from 19th Century France. 

Each collection begins with the owners, Mona and Jesper Christiansen, going through the books, carefully choosing the very best designs that fit the trends of the coming season. The designs are developed, modified and given new colour ways to reflect the Nordic background of the founders and in-house designers.


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