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Sanna Wieslander - Art Room


We recently launched our Art Room.  Now we are excited to announce the arrival of these amazing printed artworks from Sweden's Sanna Wieslander

About Sanna Wieslander

Sanna Wieslander is well-known for her beautiful and popular illustrations of animalpeople, like the Swan Lady and Hipster Goat.  But it is only a few years since she started to take her art seriously. 

“I’ve always been drawing, ever since I was a little kid, and my parents are also very artistic. But none of them work in the creative field and I never saw this as a future career” Sanna tells us when we meet in her studio in Gothenburg, where she moved about six years ago. When coming here she also decided to focus more on her artistic side to see what would happen. She went to two art schools with different orientations, and that gave her a way to learn and try different techniques and really explore her art. At Gothenburg Art School, the Animal-people she is now so well-known for was the result of her graduation project and it all started with finding a picture in a fashion magazine of a girl in a zebra dress. This later became the picture Party Animal.


The Design Process

“Creating my pictures is a long process. I’m inspired by people I see around me, it can really be anyone. The postman, someone in the grocery line, people waiting for the bus… Watching their different personalities and quirks can really get my inspiration going, and I start to figure out who they would be as an animal. Sort of like the saying of how dogs and their owners are so alike, but the other way around. This process can take several weeks, and after I got the idea ready, the drawing takes about 10 hours”, Sanna tells us. She has always been very careful about the details in her work, and in her previous jobs she often didn’t have the time to make it as perfect as she wanted to. “I’m so happy that I finally can put as much love in the details as I want to” she says.


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